Friday, 29 June 2012

From the Nullarbor

We had a good night in Whyalla with Andrew, Amelia and Jacob Melville Smith. Andrew is the vet there, and he has the most beautiful steel structure outside his clinic, titled the Loaded Dog.

Back to our coastal camp with a beautiful sunrise before heading off again.

Next came Iron Knob, where the miners are flattening off the top of an iron rich hill. Really amazing township.

We were impressed by the amount of agricultural land after this. We had expected that this was the beginning of the wilderness, but it wasn't. Unfortunately, we had to forego the Eyre Peninsula, as Andrew was still suffering, and we headed for the doctor in Kimba, where he ended up in the hospital for a quick visit. Wonderful service from Dr there.

Alice's aim is to visit as many of the Big Icons as she can, so we're working our way down the list. Here are the Big Galah in Kimba, the Big Farmer (really beautiful) and the Big Ant in Poochera.

Yesterday we travelled through some very arid bush for most of the day, feeling a little disappointed that there were so many trees on the supposedly arbor-less plains. Then all of a sudden it happened. Not a tree in sight for as far as the eye can see. (you'll have to wait for the photos till the next blog). We spent last night in Nullarbor Station, paid for a shower and we are now ready to take on the cliffs today.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Well, we made Port Germein last night. We happened across a vehicle ferry at Cadell. Just as well, as there were no bridges for many kilometres. It was a good and unexpected experience, and lucky, as it may be closed before too long. Unfortunately, we hit a kangaroo in the twilight near Burra.
Luckily, there doesn't appear to be any significant damage to the Ceduna. The 'roo sustained fatal damage, sadly.

Port Germein was a really pretty little place on the coast flanked by the Flinders Ranges. It has an endless low tide and a wooden jetty that extends 1.6km in the hope of finding deep enough water for the old fashioned sailing ships that used to collect wheat there in the 1800's. Today we have relocated to Whyalla - the complete opposite. Interesting, but industrial. Much larger than I thought. Andrew is not very well, so we may need to reconsider our plans to visit the doctor again before heading off into the wilds of the nullarbor.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Lunch at Loxton-on-the-Murray, SA

A very large day yesterday with 11 hours in the car to travel from Canberra to Mildura. Slower start today with an unscheduled doctor trip for Andrew. Just had lunch at this beautiful place on the Murray under the old gums. Even saw a kookaburra - there's a song there somewhere! Aiming for Port Germein tonight.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Australia, here we come!

We're on the road. Leaving behind rain and mud .... We hope. All present and accounted for, although Ellie was just piloting us out of the harbour that our driveway is currently.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Last Day at Home

HUGE list of things to do, some of which will get done! Excuse: today is the shortest day of the year. Torrential rain should help, I think. Just as well I took this photo yesterday.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

5 sleeps to go

- Clothing packed? No
- Food packed? No
- House cleaned for wonderful Madi to house sit? No
- Paperwork all up to date and tax done? No

Then what the hell am I doing writing blogs?????

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Storage Box Fitted

Just had a storage box fitted on the back for the generator and jerry cans. 16 sleeps till we go. Time to start some serious packing!