Monday, 21 May 2012

One month to departure

Tomorrow marks one month till Wayne, Alice and I head off on the epic lap, accompanied in part by Andrew, John, Roger and the griffs.

This blog is to help our friends and family keep up with our travels. We will set off for Canberra first, then west across the nullarbor on our clockwise journey around the perimeter of Australia. We expect to be away for 10 weeks, so we'll have our skates on at times to cover the distance. We will spend a little time with clients of Wayne's along the way, and catch up with some good friends too. Of course there are so many beautiful places to see, and I'll even manage a dog show or three! We'll be camping with plenty of style in our new motorhome which has been away for a few trial trips since its arrival in December.

Cedric the Ceduna on the way to Port Fairy earlier this year.


  1. Ooh, a blog!
    Lovely. Can't wait.

    1. I'm soooo new at this, so don't hold your breath

  2. Can't wait for 6 week of Griffon loving at our place!!

  3. So you know the Alison Lester book about a similar trip?

    I remember the Nullarbor! Crossed it in the back of a Morris 1100 with a trailer, before the Eyre was sealed.

    It rained!

    Happy meanderings, and beware of hoppy things (seriously)!