Sunday, 1 July 2012

We're in the West

Hi all. We've crossed the Nullarbor. We even found a spot to refuel!

Yesterday we viewed the cliffs of the Great Australian Bite. Surprisingly, we saw them in the rain, so they were not as striking as they might have seemed. 

We also climbed all over the sand dunes at the old Telegraph Station. 

We drove into the evening - very carefully- and saw several kangaroos, but this time they survived. Last night we bush camped at Baxter's Rest. I assume that is named after Eyre's loyal companion. 

Tonight we are in Esperance, just near Rossiter Bay, named after the captain of the ship that rescued Eyre after his epic expedition. While we travelled in his footsteps, it was hard not to be amazed by the braveness of his journey.

Today we saw some of the remnants of Skylab, where it plummeted to Earth in the seventies. We also climbed around Newman Rocks, a surprising granite outcrop after hundreds of kilometres of limestone.

We have also been collecting water samples for Alice's science project. The clay pan this afternoon was especially fun, as Alice got stuck and returned sans shoes which were suctioned in, but finally retrieved.

What a beautiful way to start our next day!


  1. Hahahahaa Alice! And what a beautiful sunrise! Little bit jealous...

  2. Hi
    Just refound blog, so reading about the adventures!
    Chat soon

  3. you seem to have found some great campsites!

    1. We sure have! In the Blackwood forest last night. Completely silent. So beautiful.

  4. Bahahahaha Alice! That is hilarious - I did something like that trying to impress Craig on his dairy farm, but it was cow poo, not mud!
    Love the sunrise. Little jealous!
    Girls send their love - woof woof lick lick
    Trina wants to rename Hazel to 'pokey'!
    Miss you all, Kate ****

    1. Craig must have been really impressed. Glad I got to wash Alice's shoes and not yours!

  5. umm question ALICE.. are they MY jeans?!? hmm if so why are they on you in western australia..