Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Pilbara

Another BIG to add to our list before leaving the coast for the day.

Then from one extreme to the other! Pristine & natural to huge scale mining and gas. The land is so arid, with endless kilometres of barren scrub over the deepest of red gravelly soil.

In places, the rocky outcrops are so full of iron that they actually shine in the sun. All the river and creek beds are dry, and I can't imagine what this area must look like in the wet. The weather is warming up now - Alice and I can tell, as Wayne is complaining! It's 8:10 and he's threatening to have a second shower.

Last night we made it through to Dampier. We took the obligatory photo with Red Dog (an Australian icon for my O/S friends).

Despite the traffic jam with the end of shift miners, the place is ruggedly beautiful and peaceful. We drifted off to sleep....for 5 minutes... and then listened to them loading a huge ship with iron ore for the rest of the night!


  1. What a sunset! Got your postcard thank you ***

    1. Glad you like the sunset.Wayne and Alice are sick of me and sunsets!