Friday, 13 July 2012

We're on the road again

After 5 wonderful days in Perth, we're off again, heading north along the west coast. We had a lovely relaxing time with John and Roger, and for the most part, the weather was lovely - certainly nicer than it is at home!! We did the tourist bit, seeing the maritime museum with Australia ll and her winged keel,

Fremantle and Kings Park.

We also caught up with friends: Wes and Lynne (4D), Ant (4D), Graham and Janet (Dingo's Breakfast), and I ran into Rob Kay (Uni choral society) in the supermarket!!

Yesterday we headed north up the coast - in the rain. We fell over an amazing science centre in Gingin, where we played with all sorts of gadgets.

Luckily the rain eased enough for us to stroll through the Pinnacles Desert later in the afternoon. These structures are limestone deposits of questionable origin. Although we saw them after rain, and on a cool day, I could easily imagine becoming lost and disoriented amongst them in the heat.

Last night we camped near the beach at Jurien Bay. We watched a thunderstorm approaching from the ocean as the day faded, and then we listened to the rain on our roof as we went to sleep.

Today is bright and sunny as we continue up the coast.