Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Kimberley - Part 2

We had a lovely day yesterday. We set out from broom nice and early. The countryside was once again arid and scrubby - Broome's tropical gardens were soon forgotten. We are seeing more and more Boab trees. I just love them - they are so full pf character. Some of the old giants are huge and gnarled, and they seem to grow in "families" with grandparents, parents and kids all around each other.

Having reached Fitzroy Crossing, we travelled out of town to the Geikie Gorge, where we took a DEC boat tour. It was so peaceful. The gorge is a left-over from the Devonian Era, when this whole area was underwater and part of the sea. It's not hard to imagine these rocks as a reef.

We saw our first crocs! These were the smaller, and "safer" freshwater crocs. We have yet to meet their Estuarine cousins - not that we are in any hurry!

We finished our day off having yummy pub dinner with Terry and Faye who had been on the boat tour with us. They were good company, and we enjoyed swapping notes as they travel south and we continue north.

Tonight we have arrived in Kununurra with a bit of a cloud over things. Some little warning light of impending doom has appeared on the dashboard. The manual assures us that we must have an accredited person sort it out, or risk voiding our warranty. As far as we can find, the closest person would be in Darwin, which will add 600km to our trip, and cost us precious days. Roll on Monday morning when we can make some phone calls. 

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