Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wayne's 50th Birthday

We headed off from Kununurra after a trouble free time with the mechanic - wonderful man! While waiting for him to finish, we were compelled to shop for Argyle pink diamonds. I loved them, but alas, the card would bounce far too high! Statistics are as such:
One in 10,000 diamonds is pink.
They cost 20 times that of a white diamond
95% of the world's pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine near Kununurra

A warm day in the car took us to a VERY dusty spot on the Victoria River, and we have now marched across the Northern Territory to our northern most point in the trip at Katherine. We are now heading south for a bit before heading east for Queensland.

Today, being Wayne's big 0 birthday, we have sought out a suitably quirky place to celebrate. We stopped for an ice-cream at the Larrimah Pub - bright pink, and suitably odd, but too early in the day to stop. It is also the highest altitude pub in the Northern Territory, and sports a giant Stubbie outside.

We ended up at the Daly Waters pub, which is totally jammed full of ANYTHING anyone could think to collect, from bras to coins to dutch clogs.
Had a blissful soak in their pool and then a yummy meal. Only problem was that they felt some live entertainment was in order. We lasted under 5 minutes before retiring for an early night. Daly Waters has a very interesting past, having been a telegraph station and post office for the region. It was then the perfect spot to refuel the early QANTAS planes heading from Sydney to Singapore. That really put it on the maps, and it was then integral in Australia's air defence during WW2. These days it has a permanent population of 18 souls, although it would seem there is a nightly population of about 500 travellers!!

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