Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Barkly Tablelands

Having left Daly Waters, we continued south to Three Ways, where we finally turned left (amazing, after so many hundreds of kilometres of straight road) and headed east towards the Queensland border. The land is very flat and dry, with untidy scrub, and very few trees. What watercourses we passed were all dry. 

The cattle are a specially developed breed - Droughtmasters, which are best suited to the poor conditions. They are basically Brahmans (the Indian sacred cows) crossed with regular shorthorns. Very little of the land is fenced, so it's not unusual to see them grazing along the roadside. At least they seem more road smart than the poor kangaroos. It's depressing how many crumpled Kangaroo carcasses we had driven past - Poor buggers. We camped at a cattle station called Barkly Homestead, and shared our plot with this beautiful boy!

Over the border and into Queensland! We're racing a bit at the moment, to allow for some much needed travel-free time with friends soon. We did have a quick look at Winton, the birthplace of Banjo Patterson's Waltzing Matilda.


  1. Brilliant blog. Great photos. Belated birthday wishes to Wayne. Just a note that Winton in Queensland is named after the Winton district of Bournemouth (Dorset, UK) that I come from.
    All the best, Helen (& Lo) XX

    1. It can't have been because it reminded them of Dorset! It's nowhere near as pretty as I remember Dorset.